Facebook Retargeting Pixel ID: Target To Your FB Audience

What is cool about WP Ad Player’s FB Retargeting is that you can set the Pixel to track your Audience at a specific time in the video. For example, lets say you have a ‘Call to Action’ that occurs 90 seconds into the video. If people watch your video for 90 seconds,they are more engaged with your content, and thus when your target Audience on Facebook are these same people, they are more receptive prospects to buy your product or services.

Main Features and Benefits

Google IMA Ad Network Support

WP Ad Player supports Google IMA which allows you to place Google Adsense for Video tags to stream video PreRoll Ads (linear) or Banner/Text Ads (non-linear) with your self hosted videos.

HTML & WP Shortcode Overlays

WP Ad Player allows you to put any HTML or WP Shortcode over your videos and at different times on same video.

Advanced Display Player Styles

WP Ad Player includes Advanced Player Customization including Control Bar Skins, Borders & Shadows Around Video, Color Picker for Control Bar styles, Full Screen, Loop, and More...

VAST/VPAID Video Ad Network Support

WP Ad Player supports Video Ad Serving Templates (VAST) and Digital Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID), allowing you to stream video ads from Video Ad Networks.

HTML5 Mobile Responsive

WP Ad Player is a HTML5 Mobile Responsive Web Video Player, giving you the best viewing experience across all browsers and devices.

Countdown Timer Scheduler

WP Ad Player has advanced option to put a Countdown Timer Before Video Starts. This is perfect for webinars, and more.

Facebook Retargeting

WP Ad Player's FB Retargeting allows you to add to your marketing campaigns on Facebook. People who watch a video on your website are much more engaged and ready to buy.

Flash and RTMP Streaming Backup

For older browsers that does not support HTML5, no problem. WP Ad Player has a backup flash engine that will automatically detect this for user.

Lightbox Lightbulb Effects

People love this feature. Have the video stand out before your visitors as everything else on page is dimmed while video plays.

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