Facebook Retargeting

List of WP Ad Player Features

  • HTML5 Video Player with MP4, Webm, and OGV support
  • Mobile Responsive Design - WP Ad Player is a HTML5 Mobile Responsive Web Video Player, giving you the best viewing experience across all browsers and devices.
  • RTMP support - All four RTMP protocols are valid (RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, and RTMPS).
  • Audio Player support - MP3, OGV
  • Advanced Video Options, including autoplay, autoloop, hide control bar, full screen on/off, 16:9 or 14:3 ratios, and more.
  • Enhanced Design Options - complete control over colors of control bar, progress bar, 2 player skins, choose border colors around video and 6 styles, shadow around videos, and more....
  • Flexible Ad Options: Choose No Ads, Google IMA Ads, or add a HTML Overlay Ad on Timeline.
  • WP Ad Player supports Google IMA which allows you to place Google Adsense for Video tags to stream video PreRoll Ads (linear) or Banner/Text Ads (non-linear) with your self hosted videos.
  • Add Multiple HTML Overlay Ads on Video Timeline. Example, first one displays from 10-20 seconds into video, 2nd ad displays from 30-40 into video, etc.
  • Advanced Options including: Video Scheduling, Facebook Retargeting, Dim Light Player, and Video Scroll Play
  • Facebook Retargeting - WP Ad Player’s FB Retargeting allows you to add to your marketing campaigns on Facebook. People who watch a video on your website are much more engaged and ready to buy.
  • Video Scheduler - WP Ad Player has advanced option to put a Countdown Timer Before Video Starts. This is perfect for webinars, and more.
  • Lightbox Lightbulb Effect - People love this feature. Have the video stand out before your visitors as everything else on page is dimmed while video plays.
  • Video Scroll Player - With Video Scroll, when visitor lands on your page and they scroll, the video will be reduced to a thumbnail on bottom.