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An Overview of WP AD Player

WP Ad Player is a premium wordpress plugin HTML5 video player wherein you can add an unlimited amount of self hosted (ie, amazons3) videos to your wordpress sites with a number of Advanced Ad Revenue options and features.

Supports DFP/Google Doubleclick IMA tags which allows you to place Google Adsense for Video tags to stream video PreRoll Ads (linear), Mid-Roll, Post-Roll, VMAP+Bumper and Pods, or Non-Linear Banner/Text Ads (non-linear) with your self hosted videos.

Not only can you add Google's Adsense for Video Ads (Pre Mid Post Roll, Banners, Text Ads)  using it's supported Google IMA tags, but you can also add any HTML Overlay inserted into your videos anywhere in the timeline.

Additionally, there are a number of Advanced Features that comes with WPAdPlayer. See below for these advanced features, including a Countdown advanced feature, Facebook Targeting, a Dimmer Effect, and a Video Scroll Thumbnail effect.

Plus, you can customize the design of the video display with different skins, border colors and shadows, player control color options, and more....

Doubleclick for Publishers is Supported.

List of WP Ad Player Features

Adsense for Video Support (Google IMA Tags)

Demo Previews

VMAP (Video Multiple Ad Playlist) Support

Have you ever watched a long video online and seen video ads appear throughout different intervals? That’s an example of Video Multiple Ad Playlist, or VMAP for short.

With VMAP, video content creators can define the Ad breaks within their content, the Timing for each break, and how many breaks are available.

Easy Admin Settings - Slider Presentation


Style with Borders & Shadows Around Your Videos

Add Borders and Shadows Around Video

Pick Any Width & Colors

WPBakery Page Builder Support

Yes! I want to Boost Results with the WP Ad Player Now...